our story


Nels Fashions is a fashions boutique, providing authentic, multicultural African apparel to men, women, and children. Based in Maryland USA, the company prides itself for being innovative, sophisticated, and contemporary. Bringing its customers the best materials imported from Switzerland, Africa, and Italy, Nels Fashions upholds its philosophy of providing high quality, affordable fashions.

The name Nels Fashions originated from the names of the founder’s cherished daughters– Nkeiruka, Efuru, Laura, and Sheila. Nels Fashions was created as a symbol of love and empowerment for young women. It began with just a few collections of Swiss laces and Italian shoe and bags in early 2005. Today, Nels has grown into an international African fashions boutique, known for its provision of contemporary fashions such as Hollandais/Woodin Wax, Laces, and Italian shoe and bag sets.

Nels also provides hall decoration services, transforming any ordinary event hall into an extraordinary artistic creation. Affordable décor will be created for any occasion demanding elegance. Our services include, but are not limited to, customized floral arrangements, balloon arches, and balloon columns for guest and high tables.     

Rest assured that Nels Fashions will provide a shopping experience filled with the utmost satisfaction because with Nels Fashions, “Quality is in style!”